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Matt Smith and David Tennant Behind the Scenes of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Here it is. Matt and David discuss life as The Doctor!

Thanks to everyone who worked really hard to keep the secret a secret this past week.

(And big thanks to the Doctor Who Facebook Page for helping get this to us earlier than we thought we’d have it. Go follow them if you aren’t already.)

Reminder: the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is set to air November 23, 2013 — the anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who ever.


Presenting the “When Is Doctor Who Series 7 Premiering In My Country This Weekend” Click-and-Drag Game!

For those of you who may have missed our post about this weekend’s season premiere of Doctor Who Series 7, we’ve constructed this handy dandy click-and-drag game to tell you where you should watch “Asylum of the Daleks” and when.

Click on each gif and drag it in order to find out when you’ll be watching this weekend’s premiere, who you will watch it with, what character you will cosplay as, and what you will post to Tumblr about it.

Of course, this game is not valid in all territories and if it determines that you should travel three continents just to see the premiere, we suggest taking it less as a directive and more as a modest suggestion.

Of course, if you want all of the Doctor Who Series 7 premiere info now, you could just click through to the Series 7 Premiere Date Superpost instead.


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